How (and Why) to Mitigate Distractions While Working From Home

Eliminating distractions while working from home — especially with kids running around belting Frozen II and housemates doing mid-day workouts — might not be entirely feasible. However, it is still possible to mitigate distractions. After all, they’re hurting you — and your business — more than you might realize. You might have heard the popularContinue reading “How (and Why) to Mitigate Distractions While Working From Home”

The Future of Real Estate Investing

Climate change has led to so many natural disasters, which affects nearly everyone in some capacity. Whether people deal with hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes, or major forest fires, the threat of facing a natural disaster is greater than ever before. As a result, many investors are looking into climate-resilient design and adaptations to protect theirContinue reading “The Future of Real Estate Investing”

What Is the Role of a Real Estate Broker?

Most people who buy or sell a house will be dealing with a real estate broker at some point. There are some who opt to sell homes without the help of a real estate broker but this is certainly not considered the norm. What is the role of a real estate broker, though? Read onContinue reading “What Is the Role of a Real Estate Broker?”

SEM vs SEO vs PPC: What’s the Right Balance for Your Business?

SEM. SEO. PPC. What’s the best mix for your business? The question is more complicated than it might first appear. After all, who wouldn’t want to optimize their SEM, SEO, and PPC efforts? But limited budgets, limited capabilities, and limited expertise can be obstacles—particularly if you’re stronger in one area than another. Let’s discuss whatContinue reading “SEM vs SEO vs PPC: What’s the Right Balance for Your Business?”

Tips When Preparing to Sell a Real Estate Investment

When you own a real estate investment, it is important to take care of it throughout the process. In fact, it is best if you have a plan in place for the time when you will sell the property. Having a plan will help to ensure that you stay on top of things that mayContinue reading “Tips When Preparing to Sell a Real Estate Investment”

Should You Flip a Real Estate Investment?

There are different ways to invest in real estate. Some people choose to buy homes in need of a few renovations and sell them as soon as possible for a profit. Others prefer to buy and hold properties, renting them out and waiting for the value to grow. Each approach is viable but which isContinue reading “Should You Flip a Real Estate Investment?”

6 Tips to Help a Struggling Small Business Stay Afloat

It’s a fact that most new small businesses struggle. It’s part of the process. And though some don’t ultimately survive, those that can power through early problems can emerge strong (and profitable). Still, reaching that point is difficult, particularly in a rough business climate. However, there are certain steps you can take to keep youContinue reading “6 Tips to Help a Struggling Small Business Stay Afloat”

How to Write an Effective Email the First Time Around

What does the perfect business email look like? For some go-getters, it might be the 21st century of War and Peace: it’s long, it leaves no stone unturned, and it contains enough detail that anyone who reads it will be impressed by your work ethic and flowery language. This is wrong. A good email isContinue reading “How to Write an Effective Email the First Time Around”

How to Get Started Investing in Real Estate with Small Dollar IRAs

Many people want to invest in real estate but they don’t have the cash on hand to do it. It can be risky to take out a big loan. As a result, people are turning to small dollar IRAs to start investing with as little as $500. This is a great option because it carriesContinue reading “How to Get Started Investing in Real Estate with Small Dollar IRAs”

Five Mistakes That Make Customers Hang Up

When a customer hangs up on you mid-conversation, it’s easy to tell what you did wrong. In fact, they probably spent the previous five minutes telling you exactly what their issue was. But when customers hang up on your phone system before you even get to speak with them, that’s another problem. According to someContinue reading “Five Mistakes That Make Customers Hang Up”

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